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Being a Woman Set Apart

Women Set Apart

A Woman Set Apart
A woman chasing after God’s own heart, not because He’s running away
but because it’s Him she wants to pursue.
It is Him that will fulfil her every need, so she knows no one else will do.
Her price is far above rubies, yet she is as humble as can be,
For she knows that her worth came at the cost of a life, Christ’s death on Calvary.
It is this faith that keeps her going, the belief that she is the apple of His eye.
She lives knowing that her life has purpose as she bears the title ‘Daughter of the Most High.’
Specially chosen to stand up and not ashamed to stand out,
Because it is the power of God that brings her salvation, in this she has no doubt.
Forever on her knees, for she knows where her help comes from,
Hoping and trusting in the Lord, the One who will help her to overcome
All the worries and all the burdens that arise from being a woman on fire for Christ.
Yet never does she regret giving Him her entire life.
Her adorning is the hidden person of the heart,
Being beautiful from the inside, for that’s where it starts.
Having the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit
For her beauty lies in the Lord, there’s nothing else to it.
Her heart is so hidden in Christ that one must seek Him to ultimately find her.
And when she is found the heart of her husband will have no need to be stirred.
For safety and security is what a woman who is set apart brings
As she obediently follows her Master and faithfully serves her King.
People will see the Christ in her that gives her the confidence to feel brave.
For favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain,
But a woman who fears the Lord is worthy to be praised.

Abigail Hazel

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I am a Woman Set Apart

What do l mean when l call myself a woman set apart?

Strong and courageous like a soldier in the army, fighting the battles young females fail to overcome. The battle the devil has been throwing to my face now and again, telling me l’m a failed, they are better than you, no-one cares just be quite, you can’t achieve anything just live with it…

Educating others about the love of Christ and living a healthy lifestyle to keep His temple holy.

Thriving to do according to His Will.

Ambitious to do the work of the Lord.

Prayer warrior. Lighting the path for others through prayer.

Admired for her strength, kindness and love she has for the needy.

Remembered for her words that pierce the heart when she opens her mouth filled with wisdom.

Thankful and grateful at all times to the Lord Almighty.

Lord, I pray that someday l can be a Woman Set Apart in your sight. Proverbs 30:31,“Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain. But a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.”

                                                                   – Nyasha Mabika  

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