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To be women after God’s own heart to love Him fervently with our whole hearts Is our sole desire.


Giving God the best ours of our day and spending time in devotion and prayer building a relationship with Him.

Prayer and Devotion

Prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a friend. 


Inspire young women to make Jesus their first love and have a personal relationship with Him.

Inspire and Motivation

To make Jesus their first and best priority every single day of their lives.


To Encourage women to be all that God wants them to be so that they can reflect God's character.

Romans 12:2

We are not to be conformed to this world. We are women set apart for a special purpose and that is to reflect Jesus Christ in our everyday lives.

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Lets Get Real

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I am very much in love with a man l met at work. We are both in our thirties and are compatible in every area but spirtually. Even though his not a christian, he goes to church with me, and l believe in my heart that he will convert someday. There’s no one at church for me to date. Besides, this man’s moral standards are higher than those of all the men from church whom l’ve dated. What do you think my chances are for converting him? Is it okay for me as a christian young woman to be with this man? 

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