What is your issue?

What is your issue?

And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years,
but no one could heal her. She came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak,
and immediately her bleeding stopped.
Luke 8: 43 -44

She sat by her familiar place, a little mat under a thorny shade, roomed by blocks of stone were she had made her home,  looking on as mothers passed by with their daughters, laughing at the simplicity of life, watching as little boys ran to their fathers and throwing their tiny arms round them. She dreamt of the little girl that she would never have, a husband she would never love and a life that was distantly hers.  All illusions about her silver lining were shattered. Suffering has a way of degrading one’s self. Instead she squatted by the streets, a cast away, hurdled into the outer court, orphaned by her loved ones, surviving with piercing emptiness that for 12 years owned her. Broken and drenched in tears and in floods of blood.

Disobeyed by her body, betrayed by her health, penniless, nameless and tore up dreams,  that was what her mornings had become.  All shoulders had turned their back against her, folks had ostracized her. Pale, anemic, wasted she had become.  The loss of her blood had taken its toll on her. It was not only blood that was flowing from her but anguish. `This must be a plaque, she clearly is being punished for her sins and we can’t have such a curse around us` said the passer byes on their way to the temple. She had heard it all, the gossip, the rumors and even after all this years, her life was still the hottest fabricated story that could have made bestselling novel in today`s world. The visit from  doctor to doctor had melted every ounce of her being and her account. She was at the end. All the pieces of her somewhat life crumbled right before her eyes and she had no strength in her to fight anymore.  She had run out of tears and whoever said there was “light at the end of the tunnel” clearly didn’t have her in mind.


In the midst of her drowning hope comes a doctor like none other. It’s not the typical doctor with years of Med school training that she hears the streets rustling about. There is an awe about this physician.  He gives her a flickering light of hope A sense of believe illuminates her fragile being as wonderful words of life are spoken about this man .There is something about this man that gives life to her feeble knees. She beholds a glory and hope finds a home within her. The rays of this man outshine those of the sun and she gently but boldly comes close to Him.` If I could touch the hem of His garment, I shall be made whole, `she whispers. There is something about this doctor that fails to keep her at bay. After all the tests and the visits, the money spent, she still fought to give her heart to this physician. The judgmental looks would  have to wait. This was a man she had long been waiting for. This man was not like any other. He was a solid ground in whom she knew she could stand and never falter nor fail.  He delivered salvation and restored empty lost lives. The crowds built a wall around Him but faith opened a way for her. She stretched this pale weak hand and leaped into divinity. Power left Christ for He felt a soul yearning for Him, a body weary for the living water. This master of seas and the waves, the creator and lover of mankind, the great Jehovah, the living El Shaddai  paused in time  and asked  who touched Him.`Clearly there  are so many people around you and they are all doing one thing, touching you Christ so am pretty sure one of them did`.

`It is not just anyone,` Christ said, it is a daughter and a woman set apart,… one who for so long needed a friend, a father, a life.  He summoned this once upon a time woman with the overflowing fountain of blood who is now free from the bondage of sin. He bids her with eyes full of love..

Daughter, be of good cheer,
your faith has made you whole.
Matt 9.22

There are many of us who are nameless and for 12 years and more have had our own share of issues, issues of failure, of gossip, of misery, of not belonging, of trying so hard, of being alone, of not succeeding in life, of divorce, of being childless, of being a cast away, of being a nobody. Oh but how there is a great lover named Jesus who is forever true, forever faithful to those who seek Him. And just like the woman with the issue of blood, He longs to remold us, remake us into women set apart, women set free from the bondage of sin, women so in love with Him that He owns our tomorrows, He calms all our fears and quietens our storms. This Christ is the best love story ever known, leaving Calvary for sinners like you and Me so that in choosing Him we become new beings. So why not stretch out your pale weak hand and reach out to the only Father who loves you dearly and watch as your faith makes you whole.

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  1. Viva November 26, 2014 at 3:39 PM - Reply

    Powerful! I just want to share the inspiration I had reading this message and the challenge for today. Besides the faith element, I see a woman who PERSEVERED and PERSISTED despite the countless times she had tried to seek help for this disgraceful problem. Often times, we Christians (I am the number 1 culprit) get frustrated and give up so easily in the face of challenges. I almost gave up on a relationship because I thought I had done everything in my power to make it work. I am so frustrated, prayer about this problem seemed so difficult. I will easily pray about other things and not this because I GAVE UP. I believe the message today is mine.
    Just like this woman with the issue of blood and the persistent widow who pushed until the unjust judge heeded her request in Luke 18, let us press on and push in prayer until something happens. in Ghana, we have a popular acronym PUSH and the meaning is simple – Pray Until Something Happens. Let us all PUSH and PUSH until our blessings come out.

    Thank you.

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