Up until January this year, I’d been in a four and half-year relationship with a man I absolutely loved and believed was the one God had brought in my life. Along the course of the relationship I began to notice “red flags” I ignored the warning signs and continued headstrong in the relationship. I asked God to bless the relationship and did everything I could to keep it together but I soon understood that God shuts doors no man can open. End of January the relationship came to an end and I was heart-broken. I knew I had to trust God with every bit of me and so I prayed and fasted for days, weeks, months!!!

I poured my heart out to God and asked Him to heal my heart and for peace, He answered.

ValerieI prayed earnestly that God would not let the year-end with my heart still broken. God had taken me on a journey with Him this year and I’ve grown to know and trust Him more. I stopped praying for a man and instead focused on praying for a closer relationship with God. I spent hours studying and meditating on His word. Reading spirit of prophecy and praying for others. I saw the power of God at work through various answered prayers. Beginning on this month, I was so excited to take on the women set apart challenge. It’s been worth it!!! As I continued to focus on my relationship with God he began opening a door that I never thought would open. He brought me closer to a friend I’d know for over 10 years. Our friendship is evolving daily and with counsel and guidance we are taking one step at a time. God has been so gracious to me. My broken heart is mended and I’m in a loving relationship… With my Best friend! God works in mysterious ways. I asked God that the year would not end as it begun and He has answered my prayer. He answered exceedingly,abundantly more than I asked or imagined.

When we chose God and trust Him, He will open doors that no man can shut!