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Interview Spotlight: Laura Jeffers

This interview spotlight is for all women who are seeking to inspire and motivate other women to pursue their passion. We want to hear real stories from people we can relate to and learn from. Hope you will be inspired, encouraged and motivated by what they will be sharing. This week we caught up with Laura Jeffers.

Hie Laura, Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Laura. I’m 21, I am a fashion design student soon to be graduate, I love to sing – I sing in a group called Scripture Says and I’m just striving to be like Christ.

How did you come to know Jesus Christ and can you briefly share your Christian Journey with us?

Well I’ve been brought up in the church, born and raised but I found Jesus through a series of things God revealed to me as a teenager. I used to make such bad decisions, I was caught up in the wrong crowd at school and a lot of things especially music influenced my life. The sorts of things I listened to and watched weren’t in keeping with God’s will for my life and it wasn’t until I let them go that I was able to find God properly.

What is your significant life bible verse?

Psalms 139:14 ❤️ It’s the heart and soul of my business.  “I will praise You, for l am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvellous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.”

What have been some of your joys and greatest challenges as a young christian woman living in this generation?

Definitely infatuation! As a young Christian woman I feel like marriage is such a big part of my life so I feel that God has to definitely be my first love and it’s a challenge daily. Greatest joy has been Scripturesays and being able to minister in song all over the country spreading the love of God the best way I know how, by singing.

Can you share some key lessons that God has taught you or that God is teaching you in this season of your life?

  1. Put Him first always! No matter what the situation – your degree won’t get you to heaven, your job won’t, your spouse won’t and your friends won’t
  2. No matter how much you don’t want to sometimes, pray earnestly, talk to God He is your friend!!!
  3. The bible really does contain everything you will ever need to know!

What is your life work or passion? Or what you currently doing?

Clothing! Just like the woman in proverbs 31, I’m business minded and I love to sew! My passion in life is bringing fabric to life.

Laura Jane - Women Set Apart

What is a day in your life look like/Can you give us a glimpse into your daily life?

I wake up, I study my bible straight away before I reach for my phone, I go to uni but as I’m finished now I usually have a project in mind sewing or a photoshoot maybe, I like to keep busy and I spend a lot of time with my family as I live at home. I then study my bible again at 7pm alongside Desire of Ages and then I just chill, edit photos, make a song maybe some days I work, part time job and then before I go to bed read a chapter of my favourite devotional by Ellen G white

What advice would you share with other young women who have a desire to work in the fashion industry or become a designer?

Stick by God’s principles. It’s easy to get lost and just be in the world in this industry so check your connection with God and ask for His leading! I’d also say do it! We need more Christians to reach those in this industry.

In the busyness of life how do you cultivate your spiritual growth as a young woman?

I make sure that I fit my busy life around God not God around my busy life and make sure that I have the incentive to grow. Read and read some more, don’t get comfortable just reading what people have already written search to see what God wants to tell YOU specifically in His word

What do you do spiritually and practically to maintain a Christ-centred approach in your work as a designer?

I think it’s about what I’m inspired by. I check my inspiration and I try to apply God’s principles in my work, modesty being one. It’s hard I’ll admit that!! But I do my best to think would Christ approve?

What are some ways the Lord has given you triumph in the midst of life’s challenges? And how would you encourage somebody else going through a challenging time in their life?

He always sends the right people at the right time to tell me what to do! I’d say to always trust Him because it’s true that His plan isn’t our plan He has bigger better things in store!

What advice would you give to a young woman who desires to go deeper in her relationship with Jesus Christ?

I’d say when you read a bible passage abide by these things – observe what it says (literally) and look for insights to things that you haven’t seen before then use those things you’ve written to find God’s principles and things you can apply to your life.

What is your desire for the young women of our generation?

That we dress beautifully but APPROPRIATELY. As a designer I see so many young women dressing to impress but we shouldn’t be stumbling blocks! It’s not right.

Who inspires you and why?

My dad! He is a God fearing man full of joy and insight. He is always ready to give me advice and encouragement. He’s been through so much and he uses his experiences to encourage others especially the young people in church.

Do you have any books or sermons that you recommend young women to read or listen to?

All by Ellen G White! I’m not a huge reader but her books, messages to Young people, desire of ages and also patriarchs and prophets are my favourite I also read a book that Women Set Apart recommended power of a praying woman! I love that book.

What are some of your favourite things?



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