Dear you in 2017

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Dear you in 2017

Dear you, yes you, I see you, sitting in your circle of alliance asking a question l will never stop hearing. `How could he do that, what type of man does that, no wonder he couldn’t live with himself` you distastefully utter as you sit in congregations gathered to praise, or so you say. ` if it were me`, you continue` I would not have, I would have stood firm like a tree planted by the waters, oh if it were me`. And yet it baffles me how the path you trod is one quite familiar to poor old me. You see dear you, I walked and dwelt with Christ, a front-runner for the gospel I became. I watched as He beckoned the sea to stillness, as He authored life into Lazarus dead being, stood in awe of how he fed thousands, looked on by as He labeled once cast out lepers clean and whole, gazed at how this Lord spit into mud to redeem sight to the blind who only was acquainted with a blackness from birth. I sat in the presence of an all-knowing Jehovah, stared at mercy when He taught about a Kingdom unknown of, likened to a mustard seed, I saw His feet perfumed by the most expensive adornment and yet I knew Him not. And you don’t either.

Just like me you count in your solitude, away from every holy saint 30 pieces of silver, be it in the form of your pride, your degree, your lusts, your indulgence. Like me you tuck your Bibles away and scamper over earthly joys, hurrying for the next high. And like a heroin addict, sin gushes into your veins promising you prosperity and a sprint of unending joys only to sell you to the highest bidder and live you lifeless. Do not learn from me. Love this God who is so in love with you that he is jealous for you. He bids you to trust in Him, draws you to repentance because of His kindness and names you priceless. This God who won you from death and was victorious over the grave. This God wants to make a masterpiece of you, with a mansion that awaits you.  God places such high value on you, you can see just how much value by reading through the books of the bible. This is adapted from Jennifer Rothschild Book fingerprints of God. It is such a powerful illustration of just how much God values you and loves you. 

• In Genesis, He fashions you with His hands.
• In Exodus, He gives you freedom and deliverance.
• In Leviticus, He gives you access to Himself.
• In Numbers, He builds cities of refuge to protect you.
• In Deuteronomy, He guides you with His protective hand.
• In Joshua, He honors you with His divine purpose.
• In Judges, He shows you mercy in spite of repeated failures.
• In Ruth, He values you by bringing you into His family.
• In 1 and 2 Samuel, He makes the insignificant significant.
• In 1 and 2 Kings, He honors you by His faithfulness.
• In the Chronicles, He makes your prayer powerful, granting you success.
• In Ezra and Nehemiah, He allows you to return to Him and gives you tools to rebuild
all that is broken.
• In Esther, He gives you purpose and makes you royalty.
• In Job, He restores you and shows Himself strong on your behalf.
• In Psalms, He calls you close and encourages you to sing in His presence.
• In Proverbs, He reveals His wisdom to you.
• In Ecclesiastes, He gives meaning to meaninglessness.
• In Song of Solomon, He draws you to run after Him, the Lover of your soul.
• In Isaiah, He reveals the Savior to you.
• In Jeremiah and Lamentations, He sees your tears and gives you hope.
• In Ezekiel and Daniel, the Sovereign Lord joins you in the midst of the fire.
• In Hosea, God pursues you to buy you back.
• In Joel, He blesses you when you repent.
• In Amos, He bears your burdens.
• In Obadiah, He keeps His covenant to you.
• In Jonah, He honors you by using imperfect man to fulfill His own perfect plan.
• In Micah, He invites you to walk humbly with Him.
• In Nahum, He comforts you.
• In Habakkuk, He brings you from lowliness to high places.
• In Zephaniah, He sings over you with great joy.
• In Haggai, God Himself makes His dwelling with you.
• In Zechariah, God reveals His plans for your future and assures you of His coming.
• In Malachi, God shows that you can’t out-give Him as He pours out His blessing.
• In the Gospels God puts on human flesh to seek and save you.
• In Acts, He pours out His Spirit on you.
• In Romans, He works all things for your good!
• In the letters to the Corinthians, He pulls you from error, teaches you the way of love,and points you toward unseen realities.
• In Galatians, He sets you free!
• In Ephesians, He lavishes you with the riches of grace.
• In Philippians, He gives you victory and joy.
• In Colossians, we are rooted and strengthened in Him—and overflow with thankfulness.
• In letters to Thessalonian churches, He honors you by giving you a future hope.
• In letters to Timothy, He offers you counsel and encouragement.
• In Titus, He equips you for good works.
• In Philemon, He turns your slavery into brotherhood.
• In Hebrews, He invites you to come boldly before His throne.
• In James, He teaches you practical religion.
• In 1 and 2 Peter, He gives you victory over suffering.
• In the three epistles of John, He assures you of eternity and invites you to walk in His light, life, and love.
• In Jude, God tenderly keeps you from falling and values you so highly that He Himself
presents you faultless before His own throne.
• And then in Revelation, He receives you as His beloved and treasured bride.

Don’t turn away from this Love, this God who is so in love with you that he is jealous for you. He bids you to trust in Him, draws you to repentance and names you priceless. This God who won you from death and was victorious over the grave. This God wants to make a masterpiece of you, with a mansion that awaits you. He pursues you and assures you life everlasting. Take it from me, there is no greater gift than to be His…Give God your heart. 

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